Enable your willpower to shed harming tendencies.


About Us

Tangoprogram.com is the official website of the Tango Program, an initiative of Eamonn Olwill

The Tango project owes its origin to the lifetime experience of our founder, Eamonn Olwill. For as long as he can remember he has had a nail-biting habit which he was embarrassed about but despite that embarrassment could do very little to kick. This was because his habit was an unconscious and therefore involuntary one. Over the years he tried various proposed solutions but for a variety of reasons none worked. So with many concerns of a higher priority like earning a living and raising a family he accepted that this was a problem without a solution.

However on retiring from his main occupation with more time to spare and wanting a project that would provide a challenge and maybe some work satisfaction Eamonn took on the challenge of ending his nail-biting habit for good. So after much study and research and a number of development stages the Tango Program was the result and best of all it provided the missing piece to assist him rid himself of his own habit. He now hopes that before long all who have the habit he had and other unhealthy antisocial ones which result from involuntary unconscious hand movements will learn and avail of the Tango Program.


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