Enable your willpower to shed harming tendencies.


How it Works

The Tango Program is the outcome of a close study and analysis of the persistent unconscious nail-biting habit.

With Tango bands in place (It takes about a minute to put them on) before you settle down at home to relax with a film or a match on TV or to study take care to rest your hands on your lap so that the bands cling to each other.

Now while focusing on your screen or your book you can be confident that your conscious mind will be drawn back by the slight tug of resistance when a hand leaves where you left it. This will trigger your willpower to prevent another nail-biting episode from beginning. By continuing to use Tango in this way you will form a new habit which will rid yourself of nail-biting (or other harming habits) for good.

Tango bands cling only when they come into contact with each other so it normally won’t be necessary to take them off for short breaks or to carry out light chores.

If you follow the Tango Program for 15 hours a week you can look forward confidently to your nails growing strongly and beautifully in a matter of weeks.

Tango bands, available in black or white, are made using selected hook and loop  nylon and polyamide self adhesive tape adapted and modified to achieve the objectives of the Tango Program. 

The Tango Program is based on a design registered with the Intellectual Property Office of Ireland.


Produced by WDI