Enable your willpower to shed harming tendencies.


Damage to self-esteem and confidence

At any age but particularly when we are young our self-esteem and confidence are very important to our well-being.

Growing children and adolescents have lots to be dealing with, what with puberty, the forming and handling of relationships, bodily changes and body image. In this context overcoming unhygienic, antisocial, unwanted and unnescessary personal habits can be character-forming at this important time of their lives.

Nail-biters tell of excruciating embarrassment and describe the lengths they will go to to hide their bitten nails from view e.g. fisting or crimping their hands, keeping hands behind backs, keeping hands in pockets  or wearing really long sleeves.

One male nail-biter whose habit started when he lost a parent at a very young age never forgot his awakening embarrassment when a girl expressed open revulsion at seeing the condition of his nails.

But his was an unconscious habit so despite his best efforts he had to wait until at an advanced age he discovered a way that alerted him and therefore equipped him to deploy his willpower enabling him to grow fine strong healthy nails. He discovered the Tango Program. Now he is proud to show his hands with his fully grown nails in full view.


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