Enable your willpower to shed harming tendencies.


The Science

Nail-biting analysis

Our study of the unconscious nailbiting habit reveals the following:

1.  It tends to happen at a time when our attention is fully taken up with something        that greatly interests us or commands our attention e.g. TV/ film, driving.

2.  Our hands are not fully occupied and one of them has some freedom of movememt.

3.  We are not being observed.

These circumstances prevail mostly when we are relaxing at home in the evening and sometimes when we are driving and these are times when our fingernails are at great risk.

Firstly we look at the home relaxation period. For the purposes of this example we suggest this period lasting a typical weekly average of 21 hours (7 X 3).

 By wearing Tango Bands during this period your willpower will be alerted should a hand drift away towards your mouth, which is likely to happen due to your habit, thus preventing a new episode. (Remember Tango can continue to be worn while carrying out small domestic chores)

By following the Tango Program during this time slot we estimate you will reduce biting episodes by as much as 50 % in one week. By now you should see noticeable new nail growth. A further weeks adherence to the Tango Program should reduce episodes again by about 50%.

An improvement in the condition of your nails will now be more apparent since the habit has had less opportunities to inflict damage. Your goal is now clearly in sight. All you need do is continue doing what you have been doing for a few weeks to regain your fully grown strong beautiful nails again.

(If your work involves using a computer a lot, while your mouse hand may be relatively safe while using it, the nails on your other hand may be at risk. You can protect them by positioning your Tango waistband at either waist or chest level and taking care to rest your unengaged Tango-banded wrist against it. The same may apply while using a smart phone)

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