Enable your willpower to shed harming tendencies.


Tango for Drivers

Preventing nail nibbling while driving

Users who are drivers have reported some progress slippage which we have now sought to address. Nibbling incidents occurred when one hand unconsciously drifted to the mouth while the other hand stayed on the wheel, the driver's full attention being taken up with driving.

Tango for Drivers is a variation on a Tango theme. The idea again is when nail damage is facilitated by an unconscious hand movement an alert is needed. 

Tango for Drivers consists of 2 small bands placed on the upper arc of the steering wheel, one for each hand (loosely so that they can travel along the arc under the hand grip) and 2 bands similar to the wristbands but this time wrapped around the palms of each hand leaving the thumbs free, as shown. An unconscious move of the hand is prevented when the resistance of the bands to separate provides the alert to trigger willpower to prevent the start of a nibbling episode.

The small bands can be left on the wheel ready for each drive.

The palm bands can also be left in the car for convenience.

Produced by WDI